"Full of the secret thoughts we all harbor about entertaining. It's social venting with real solutions- read: advice you'd want to use - and a heavy helping of humor." - Lizzie Post, author of Emily Post's Etiquette, 19th edition

Society is under threat. The culprit? BRUNCH. Not merely a forum for overpriced eggs, BRUNCH is a leisure-time-squandering hellscape, embodying all that is soul-killing and alienating about modern life. 

How to fight back? By throwing a DINNER PARTY - the cornerstone of civilized society! 

BRUNCH IS HELL takes hesitant hosts through every phase of throwing a great DINNER PARTY, from guest list to subpoena. Loaded with wit, celebrity advice, and tongue-in-cheek humor, BRUNCH IS HELL is a spirited guide to restoring civility.

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On December 5th the book will hit the shelves of your local bookstore. Until then it is available for pre-order at your non-local digital behemoth. No matter how you get it, buying this tome puts the-hybrid-menace-which-should-not-be-named on notice! 

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From NYC to Pasadena we are going to tour the country and discuss the dangers of brunch until eggs named Benedict decide to return from whence they came! Clickthrough to see if we're coming to your town!   



Former quickfire judges on Top Chef Masters, two of Food & Wine magazine's "40 Creative People Under 40" and creators of the national public radio show The Dinner Party Download. We didn't realize we'd done so much until forced to write this bio!